8 Lý do bạn nên mua ngay bộ chăn gối đũi cho mùa thu này!

8 reasons why you should buy a set of tussah silk quilt this fall!

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In this time of social distancing, the fact that we stay at home and “get closer” to our beloved bed makes it critical to select the proper set of bedding, especially during the autumn season, really significant!

If you’re still unsure about which bedding set to choose, ECOSILKY would like to offer “The set of Tussah Silk Quilt” made of 100 percent natural silk, which has many wonderful advantages for the capacity to remain warm well and exceptionally high aesthetics, guaranteed to meet requirements.

Let’s look at ECOSILKY’s 8 reasons why you should consider purchasing this product in the post below!

8 Lý do bạn nên mua ngay bộ chăn gối đũi cho mùa thu này!

1. High quality natural material

Mulberry Silk has always been linked with elegance and luxury. Customers have long preferred blankets and pillows made of this material due to their numerous unique characteristics.

Tussah Silk fabric is created using a hand manufacturing method.

Tussah Silk, in particular, is manufactured in a much more complicated manner than regular silk: from incubation to drenched in water, spinning to weaving. All are meticulously handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.

Furthermore, because the tussah silk is handmade into strands from several silk threads, they are often big, extremely light, and spongy.

2. The significant advancement in temperature regulation

The most notable feature of this product line is “Excellent temperature regulation”. This is a feature of silk fiber, which is the only animal protein fiber in the world with a natural self-regulating mechanism and the ability to regulate temperature.

In other words, blankets will keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and even toasty in the fall.

3. Breathable

In this cool fall season, tussah silk is the best fabric for creating quilt sets. The quilt is highly breathable because it is constructed from natural materials.

Tussah Silk fabric has three times the heat dissipation power of common textiles, so the ventilation in the quilt will be maintained without creating hot and stuffiness.

In addition to the benefits of tussah silk is soft and light, which contributes to a sense of warmth, and comfort during sleep.

4. Safe and good for your skin

Because quilts and pillows frequently come into close touch with your skin, safety is always a major consideration.

The soft comforter set pampers the skin and promotes restful sleep.

According to the benefits of the tussah silk quilt, you can be totally confident since this fabric is of natural origin, free of chemicals throughout the manufacturing process, and thus safe for the skin.

Furthermore, silk fibers are good for infant skin and easily irritated skin due to their softness, non-drying, and non-friction properties.

5. Improve skin and protect hair

Everyone wishes for beautiful skin and healthy hair. Instead of spending money on expensive cosmetics, try purchasing a set of Quilts and Pillows made of natural silk and containing elements that help enhance your skin and hair.

When you use this product, your skin is “indirectly” replenished with proteins and amino acids, which helps to fight aging in your skin and hair and keeps your hair from becoming tangled after a long night’s sleep.

6. Beauty delights the user’s eyes in ways they have never been satisfied before

In fact, because the bed is always the center point of the bedroom, a new “outift” may breathe fresh vitality into your personal area.

Set of tussah silk quilts and pillows with a rustic and luxurious beauty

The material’s vivid colors and soft shine on this product range are quite striking. It adds a rustic, natural charm to your bedroom, making it more warm and elegant.

7. Support quilt size on request

One of the most intriguing aspects of purchasing items from ECOSILKY is the ability to have products made to the exact specifications of the buyer. You can refer to the following sizes: 160 x 200 cm, 200 x 220 cm, 220 x 240 cm,…

This is one of the benefits that ECOSILKY aims to provide to consumers in order to address the issue of quilts that are the wrong length and width, making the bed sloppy and unbalanced, resulting in a loss of aesthetics.

8. Affordably priced for a high-quality product.

ECOSILKY strives to provide clients with high-quality, natural, and safe products produced from genuine silk at a fair price.

ECOSILKY’s pillows and quilts are always created with simplicity and elegance in mind, allowing consumers to easily harmonize the decor of their bedroom area to make it more cozy and attractive.

You will not be dissatisfied when you try this product at a price of 6,500,000 VND for the tussah silk quilt sets. More info here!

For assistance, call (+84) 704 899 089 or visit the ECOSILKY fanpage Ecosilky to keep up to date with the latest offers.

Here are 8 reasons why you should buy the Tussah Silk Quilt Set that ECOSILKY has compiled and forwarded to you. Which of the following reasons most persuades you? Leave a remark and let’s talk about it!