Ecosilky and Modewelt Institute collaborate – Bringing sustainable fashion to consumers

Danh Mục

Ecosilky has officially signed a collaboration contract with Modewelt Institute, a fashion institute specializing in designing and producing textile products from natural materials, shaping the trends of the century.

The collaboration between Ecosilky and Modewelt Institute not only benefits both companies but also contributes positively to global environmental protection. In an era where climate change and environmental pollution challenges are increasingly pressing, prioritizing the use of eco-friendly products is of utmost importance.

Modewelt Institute not only introduces sustainable fashion but also brings the most advanced and cutting-edge technology from Germany to revolutionize the fashion industry. This technology is virtually unrivaled in the current market, allowing for rapid production of innovative products for designers, luxury brands, and fashion enthusiasts.

Zero-waste factory.

1. Embracing sustainability and environmental friendliness

Ecosilky and Modewelt Institute are committed to jointly ensuring the fashion industry’s development without negative impacts on the environment. This collaboration is a significant step towards building a sustainable and responsible fashion industry, meeting the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly fashion products.

2. Planned activities

  • Research and development of eco-friendly products: Ecosilky and Modewelt Institute will closely collaborate on researching and developing sustainable fabrics and breakthrough fashion products to meet current consumer demands.
  • Optimizing production processes and supply chain: Ecosilky and Modewelt Institute will work together to optimize production processes and supply chains, minimizing waste and harmful emissions. Our collaboration aims to ensure that all end products meet the highest sustainability standards with eco-friendly procedures.

We hope that these joint efforts will resonate throughout the industry and contribute to building a brighter future for both the fashion industry and our planet. If you require large-scale production of products made from natural materials, feel free to contact Ecosilky at (+84) 704 899 089!