3D Popup Card – Berner Münster Cathedral Card – Building 3D Card

Berner Münster Cathedral Card – Building 3D Card

Cover: Ninrio designed the red Berner Münster Cathedral card cover. Above is a picture of the Berner Münster church.

Inside: Inside the card is a floating block of Berner Münster Cathedral that is subtly cut and assembled entirely by hand. Every little detail describes the unique architecture of the catherdral assembled very skillfully.

Berner Münster

Berner Münster is one of the largest catherdrals in Switzerland. This is a symbolic work for typical Gothic and Medieval architecture.

Berner Münster is located south of the Aare Peninsula in the city of Bern. They started construct catherdral on March 11, 1421 and completed in 1575.

It was postponed for nearly three centuries. It was not until 1893 that the church basically completed and kept the status quo until now.

Ninrio has scaled down the unique architecture of this church in a card of the Berner Münster cathedral. The card will be a unique souvenir for your friends and relatives. Especially those who love Switzerland.

Berner Münster Cathedral Card – Building 3D Card

Material and quality

These cards use high quality paper imported from Korea, Japan and Italy … Therefore, the paper is durable. The appropriate thickness so that pop-ups can erect vividly without being bent or damaged

Size and packing

Size: 15x20cm

Package: Greeting card includes 01 plastic bag size and 01 white envelope.