Hemp-handloom fabric

Chất liệu: 100% Từ cây gai dầu tự nhiên

Khổ vải: 76.2 cm

Trọng lượng: 400 GMS (g/m²)

Hotline: (+84) 704 899 089

Hemp-Handloom Fabric

Hemp-Handloom Fabric – The ECOSILKY premium fabric is made from ‘100% natural hemp’. Let’s learn more about this product with ECOSILKY!

Fabric made from 100% natural hemp of ECOSILKY has many outstanding advantages that no other material can match

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1. High quality natural material

The ECOSILKY premium Hemp fabric is made from 100% natural hemp and goes through an elaborate process to produce the final product.

In comparison to standard fabrics, hemp fabric is created by a laborious process that includes drying hemp, boiling and separating glue, spinning, pulling, and combing into yarn, and weaving.

2. Good breathability and moisture absorption

Ensure that the moisture collected by your body is released into the air, aiding in the reduction of stuffiness and stuffiness on hot seasons.

3. Skin-friendly 

The fabric is soft and cool, and it does not irritate your skin.

The fabric manufacturing method is completely safe and does not use any hazardous chemicals. Hemp is a simple plant that can thrive in the natural without the usage of pesticides or herbicides.

As a result, hemp fabric is safe for users’ health and does not trigger allergies even in the most sensitive individuals.

4. Antibacterial

This is a natural feature of hemp plants that allows it to efficiently guard and prevent environmental agents while also eliminating smells.

5. UV resistant

In comparison to other textiles, UV rays penetrate hemp cloth relatively little. Because of this feature, hemp fabric is frequently used in the manufacturing of clothing, assisting in the protection of your skin from the sun.

6. Durable

Hemp fabric is extremely durable, eight times stronger than cotton fabric. Hemp fiber is composed of around 70% cellulose and a low lignin concentration (about 8-10%), resulting in a very durable fiber structure.

When using hemp fabric to make clothes, you won’t have to worry about them stretched, wrinkled, or ruffled, but the more you wash it, the smoother the fabric becomes.

The handloom process distinguishes ECOSILKY Natural Fabrics

  • The product is painstakingly handmade. This procedure necessitates meticulousness, the passion of loving hearts, and the use of attentive, skilled, and gifted hands.
  • Products may be personalized: Because ECOSILKY is a high-quality hand-woven product, it can be customized in terms of size, color, and so on. This will assist you in making your own distinct mark. while creating clothing


Just creating a premium fabric is not enough, ECOSILKY products always follow the eco-friendly orientation:

  • The raw materials of each ECOSILKY premium fabric are the nature
  • The production process is completely eco-friendly
  • Color dyed from natural materials

Use instruction

  • Wash gently, avoid harsh rubbing
  • Dry clean is recommended
  • Do not use the bleach
  • Hang in the shade, awáy from direct sunlight


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