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What is Tussah Silk? 10+ Things You Need to Know about Tussah Silk

Danh Mục

Tussah silk is always the number 1 choice in the summer for both men and women. The hot sun burns the skin, making people want to choose natural clothing materials to create a comfortable feeling. What is tussah silk? Let’s learn everything with ECOSILKY!

1. What is Tussah silk?

It is a thin, light fabric. When you touch the fabric for the first time, you will feel the surface is spongy and soft.

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2. Origin

Tussah silk quilt is made from 100% natural mulberry silk. Compared with ordinary silk, the difference of tussah silk is that it is made according to a manual production process: from incubation, spinning, soaking in water by hand to weaving. In addition, because the Tussah silk is handwoven into fibers from many silk threads, they are usually large, super lightweight, and spongy.

Tussah silk is usually large, super lightweight, and spongy.

3. Characteristics of Tussah silk

3.1 Advantage

Light and comfortable

The feeling of comfort, light, and pleasant is people’s first impression of this fabric. In addition, Tussah Silk is a poor heat conductor so it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


The heat release speed of tussah silk is 3 times higher than that of normal materials, keeping ventilation without causing suffocation

Human’s health protection

Tussah Silk fiber with the advantages of being soft, and non-drying is suitable for all types of skin, even baby’s skin or the most sensitive skin.


Experts say that tussah silk made from 100% natural mulberry silk is highly biodegradable. In addition, the production process is completely eco-friendly. Therefore, it quickly became the big sister in the current trend of making friends with the environment.

3.1 Disadvantage

Difficult preserve

Because it is a wrinkle-prone fabric, so great care must be taken while washing and limiting wrinkles.

4. Fashion, interior decoration accessories

With the above outstanding features, tussah silk is extremely suitable for Vietnamese fashion, especially in the summer. Although its raw material is the nature, it is equally polite, youthful, and luxurious for all ages.

For simple girls, choosing this material is the perfect choice with the minimalist colors of the fabric.

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5. How to distinguish tussah silk fabric?

  • At first, if you want to identify this fabric, you just need to gently touch the surface of the fabric. It is a spongy and soft fabric with visible large fibers
  • When you tighten the fabric, you will see wrinkles.
  • When you use two hands to pull the fabric, you will not see the stretch.
  • Another way, you can burn one end of a small tussah silk fabric. If you see white smoke and coals, it will be the real tussah silk. There are many fake products on the market when burning the fabric will melt the plastic.

6. How to preserve the tussah silk fabric you should know


  • Machine wash gently for silk below 30 degrees.
  • Should be dry cleaned.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.


  • Machine wash
  • Wash with bleach
  • Wash with hot water

 7. Where to buy good tussah silk fabric?

You can find and buy tussah silk to make costumes, household items, accessories in many places, from markets or craft villages.

Tussah silk is a natural material, so it is very popular with Vietnamese people. ECOSILKY is a reputable address specializing in providing 100% natural tussah silk products like blankets, towels, etc. For hot summer days.