About Ecosilky
Where you can see how Ecosilky came to be and the type of company we aspire to build!

Our Story

We’re proud trailblazers, producing natural and sustainable fabrics as well as practicing sustainable manufacturing. We not only protect the environment but also create positive social impact in local communities. Our dedication to natural fabrics empowers locals, promotes fair labor practices, and offers high-quality products. 123

“Ecosilky aims to exemplify RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS with sustainable, ethical operations that create value for customers, employees, partners, communities, and the environment.”

Son Vu, CEO & Founder Ecosilky

Why was Ecosilky born?

Founded in 2019 by Son Vu, Ecosilky reflects his deep passion for technology and environmental stewardship. After studying and working in Australia and Germany, Son returned to Vietnam with a profound mission: to create a lasting and significant impact on the planet.

problem from textile industry

The textile and garment industry is a significant contributor to environmental pollution. Moreover, the most challenging obstacle faced by textile and garment export enterprises in adopting sustainable production practices is the difficulty in effectively managing the quality of their supply chain, particularly when it comes to raw materials and auxiliary materials.

Inspiration from Vietnam

Upon returning to Vietnam, Son discovered the abundance of environmentally friendly raw materials for fabric production, including bananas, pineapples, lotuses, and cotton. Motivated by this realization, he began conducting research and implementing technology to utilize and develop these materials in production.


Son, along with his partners, embarked on a venture to develop natural materials using agricultural waste like banana, pineapples, and lotus stems. The company, Ecosilky, follows a circular business model that emphasizes responsible sourcing of all ingredients and maintains transparency throughout the entire production process. 


Ecosilky’s fabrics are 100% bio-based and 100% biodegradable, aligning with the growing concern over the carbon footprint associated with the textile industry. In particular, their fabric products meet international standards such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensuring their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility

Save nature with Ecosilky

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