3D Popup Card – Ancient Fortress Card – Building 3D Popup Card

Ancient Fortress Card – Building 3D Popup Card

Cover: Ninrio designed the 3D ancient castle card cover in green. Prominent on it is the castle image with three citadels with orange-brown body and yellow tip. At the top of the tallest tower in the middle is a fluttering red flag. Below is the icon of the watchtower to observe outside the castle.

Inside: When open the card at a 90-degree angle, the floating block depicting the castle pops up. The architecture of the castle consists of 3 towers. A main and tallest main tower in the middle. Two towers are lower and smaller on the sides. At the top of each tower is a flag. The castle gates, the watchtower towers are meticulously cut.


The castle is a solid structure built by nobility and royalty in Europe, the Middle East in the Middle Ages. These structures are also called citadels or strongholds.

The castle is the residence of warlords or nobles. It was different from a palace – a royal residence. And also different from the fortress – a building with a function of fighting and defending.

Characteristics of the main castle are high walls, deep moats, many floors. Conventional European castles are usually square shaped. And the masonry walls circle the outside. Above the castle are many watchtowers. Surrounding the castle is a deep moat.

Versailles castle in France, Windsor castle in England, Strassoldo di Sopra castle in Italy … are the most beautiful ancient castles in the world.

Gorgeous and ancient castles have been shrunken by Ninrio in the 3D Ancient castle card template. Suitable cards used as birthday gifts, souvenirs for relatives and friends.

Ancient Fortress

Material and quality

These cards use high quality paper imported from Korea, Japan and Italy … Therefore, the paper is durable. The appropriate thickness so that pop-ups can erect vividly without being bent or damaged.

Size and packing

Size: 13x18cm

Package: Greeting card includes 01 plastic bag size and 01 white envelope.