3D Popup Card – Double-decker Bus 3D Card

Double-decker Bus 3D Card

Cover: Striking on the pink cover of the double-decker bus card is a bright red bus. On the second floor of the bus, there is the word BUS. Ninrio also designed light blue car window panels in harmony with the overall card cover.

Inside: When you open the card, a floating double-decker bus will pop up. Detail of the pieces depicting the windows and doors is cut subtly. We design background image by tall buildings. Looking at the card, the viewer feels like a double-decker bus is going along the English street.


Along with the Big Ben tower, Buckingham palace, the double-decker bus is the beloved symbol of England. The colored bus called Routmaster, was born in 1920.

In 2005, Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, shut down double-decker buses. In 2008, new mayor, Boris Johnson restored the double-decker bus.

Since its inception, the double-decker bus Routemaster has captured the hearts of Londoners as well as tourists. And the image of a red car running along a busy street becomes a symbol of a foggy country.

It is estimated that anyone who lives in London, goes to school, goes to work, plays on public transport, has ever experienced a double-decker bus.

For the love of this beautiful bus, we released a 3D model of a double-decker bus bus. The Double-decker Bus 3D Card will be a birthday gift for friends. It is also suitable for those who are interested in collecting world famous building models.

Double-decker Bus 3D Card

Size and Package:

Size: This 3D card is 5 x 7 inches. And a popup card comes with 01 plastic bag fit size and 01 white envelope.