3D Popup Card – Telephone Booth Card – Building 3D Card

Telephone Booth Card – Building 3D Card

Cover: We designed the card cover of pink public telephone booths. Featured on it is a red payphone – one of 10 British symbols. Above it was “Telephone” text

Inside: We designed the floating block of a phone booth. You can choose the intestines shaped yellow boots or red arbitrary.

Telephone booth 

Public phone booths  are one of the 10 famous British symbols. It was born in 1876 and exploded the revolution of telecommunications at that time. The companies that develop this network of telephones are very strong. The largest network system is the General Department of Post and Telecommunications. This is where the birth of the famous red phone booths across the streets of England.

From 1926 to 1983 the Post Office introduced eight models of telephone booths from K1 to K8. In it K6 boots or Jubilee models have become the symbol of London today.

Nowadays with very developed smartphones. Therefore, people did not need to use the old phone booths. In order to preserve the image of a phone booth, the government has renovated it into a phone charging station. These battery stations use solar energy and are completely free.

Pictures of phone booths have also appeared in our designs. We re-simulated them into beautiful little cards. It is a gift to our customers. You can easily take it with you, unleash watching this “symbol”.

London Card – Building 3D Popup Card Telephone Booth Card – Building 3D Card

Material and quality

These cards use high quality paper imported from Korea, Japan and Italy … Therefore, the paper is durable. The appropriate thickness so that pop-ups can be erected vividly without being bent or damaged

Size and packing

Size: 15x15cm and 15x20cm

Package: Greeting card includes 01 plastic bag size and 01 white envelope.