Khadi silk fabric

Material: 40% Khadi + 60% Silk

Width: 44 inches

Weight: 89 GMS (g/m²)

Hotline: (+84) 704 899 089

ECOSILKY’s premier fabric, Khadi Silk Fabric, is made from “100% natural fibers.” Let’s discover more about ECOSILKY’s product!

ECOSILKY’s 100% natural khadi silk fabric offers several advantages that no other material can match

Vải Khadi Lụa ecosilky

1. High quality natural material

  • High-quality ECOSILKY khadi silk fabric is woven from natural cotton and mulberry silk fibers, which must go through a complex manufacturing process to make the completed product.
  • This is a unique natural fabric from India that is spun by hand with a traditional spinning instrument known as a Charkha or Hathkargha.
  • Khadi is a textile that was made famous by Mahatma Gandhi’s liberation fight in India as a symbol of self-sufficiency and togetherness.

2. Durable and comfortable

  • Khadi is primarily made from cotton with a rough texture, which assures the fabric will not wear or tear quickly. As a result, when coupled with “natural mulberry silk,” the fabric becomes softer and more useful in clothing and in everyday life.
  • The fabric becomes stronger and softer after each wash, bringing a comfortable and pleasant sensation.

3. Good absorbency

  • Khadi silk fabric absorbs perspiration effectively and is breathable, so when manufactured into garments, it is certain to leave the user feeling dry, comfortable, and pleasant.

4. Temperature regulation

  • This is a flexible fabric that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Increase job opportunities

  • Khadi is a common woven fabric widely produced in India, if there are differences among the places, it is the yarn mix and weave pattern.
  • Because this is an entirely hand-woven fabric, it will provide employment for thousands of talented spinners and weavers across the country.
  • Increased demand for khadi fabric will provide more money to cotton and other natural fiber growers, as well as nourish the entire supply chain, assisting in the development of the natural fabric sector.


Just creating a Premium Fabric is not enough, ECOSILKY products always follow the eco-friendly orientation.

  • All of the materials used to make ECOSILKY Premium Fabrics are taken from nature.
  • The manufacturing procedure is fully eco-friendly.
  • Color dyed from natural materials

Store instructions

  • Hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Avoid using strong chemicals or detergents.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.


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