Mulberry silk quilt


  • Cover: 100% Mulberry silk
  • Filler: Tussah silk

Color:  Pink

Size: 31″W x 47″L

A set includes: 01 Hand-stitched quilt + 01 pillowcases (10 x 14 inch)

Hotline: (+84) 704 899 089

Mulberry Silk Quilt

Mulberry Silk Quilt – The ECOSILKY premium quilt is made from ‘100% natural mulberry silk’. Let’s learn more about this product with ECOSILKY!

Quilt Cover made from 100% natural mulberry silk of ECOSILKY has many outstanding advantages that no other material can match

  • High quality natural materials: The ECOSILKY premium silk quilt is made from 100% natural mulberry silk and goes through an elaborate process to produce the final product. Although thousands of years have passed, silk has always been a valuable fabric derived from nature since ancient times that only kings and royalty used.
  • Efficient sleep support: Silk is a poor heat conductor so our silk quilt keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, silk is so lightweight that provide comfort and ease for a better night’s sleep.
  • Body temperature regulation: Silk fiber is the only natural protein in the world that has a natural self-regulating mechanism and maintains the body temperature naturally.
  • Breathable: The heat release speed of silk quilt is 3 times higher than that of normal blankets, keeping ventilation in the quilt without causing suffocation
  • Safe and good for your skin: Silk fiber with the advantages of being soft, and non-drying is suitable for all types of skin, even baby’s skin or the most sensitive skin.
  • Improve skin and protect hair: When you sleep, your blanket and pillow is in direct contact with your skin and hair. Fortunately, when you sleep with a set of silk bedding, your skin is “indirectly” supplemented with proteins and amino acids, helping to prevent aging of the skin and your hair will not be tangled after a long sleep.
  • Beautify your bedroom space: Silk is soft, smooth, and naturally beautiful, making your bedroom space more luxurious and elegant.


Chăn lụa khâu tay hoa thị

The Quilt Filler of ECOSILKY is made from 100% natural tussah silk

Tussah silk filler, is the unique filler with a special net structure, which is woven meticulously from the natural tussah silk fiber by the workers. This net technique gives the tight cohesion in the structure of the quilt’s filler, and also brings the outstanding advantages from tussah silk fiber.

  • Safe to the customer’s health: Tussah silk filler is made from 100% natural mulberry silk. Ensuring the whole production process is free of harmful chemical, therefore it is very benign and hypoallergenic for even for the most sensitive people.
  • Keep warm: Due to the poor thermal conductivity of silk fibers so that the tussah silk filler retains the heat well. It provides a warm feeling without being unbreathable, gently taking care of the body.
  • Breathable and good sweat absorption: Ensures that the moisture absorbed by your body is released into the air helping to limit the suffocation that causes discomfort while asleep, giving you a good and deep sleep.
  • Compact and soft: Tussah silk filler is made from soft and fluffy tussah silk fibers woven into a thin net, providing a lightweight but still keeping warm quilt, adapted to the needs of many customers.
  • Good antibacterial and mildew: It is the natural mechanism of silk cocoons to protect silkworms and effectively prevent environmental effects.
  • High durability: When you use the tussah silk filler, you will not have to worry about deformation, lumps or shrinking like cotton after the usable time
  • The tussah silk filler is different from most artificial cotton fillers on the market today like polyester or microfiber. They are all materials that are cheaper, but difficult to release heat and not breathable.


Ruột tơ tằm đan

The Quilt Pattern is another unique difference of the ECOSILKY Silk Quilt

  • Products are handcrafted in a creative and elaborate way: Do you know, to complete a set of hand-sewn silk quilt, our artisans need at least 40 hours? This process requires meticulousness, the passion of loving hearts, diligence and skill of their hands to make a unique bedding set.
  • Customized products: As a hand-sewn product, ECOSILKY can fully meet your needs in terms of size, color, embroidery patterns and name. This will help you bring your own personality to your bedroom space.


Just creating a premium quilt is not enough, ECOSILKY products always follow the eco-friendly orientation.

  • The raw materials of each ECOSILKY premium silk quilt are the nature
  • The production process is completely eco-friendly

User manual

  • Machine wash gently for silk below 30 degrees.
  • Should be dry cleaned.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.

Store instructions

When not using for a long time, it is recommended to store in a cotton bag or other natural materials to ensure the best color & durability. Avoid using nylon bags.


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Mulberry silk quilt

Mulberry silk quilt

Mulberry silk quilt