Orange crepe fabric

Material: 100% Natural orange fiber

Width: 44″

Weight: 50 – 80 GMS (g/m²)

Hotline: (+84) 704 899 089

ECOSILKY’s premium fabric, Orange Crepe Fabric, is manufactured from “100% natural orange peel.” Let’s discover more about ECOSILKY’s product!

ECOSILKY’s 100 percent natural orange peel fiber offers several benefits that no other material can match

1. High-quality natural materials

  • ECOSILKY Premium Orange crepe fabric is weaved from 100 percent natural orange-peel fibers and goes through a complex manufacturing process to create the finished product.
  • Detail:
    • Orange peels that have been removed during the pressing and processing of oranges will be collected.
    • The peel of these oranges will be used to extract cellulose.
    • The aromatic oils and vitamin C found in orange peel are preserved thanks to nano-technology.
    • Because of the cellulose fiber that is woven into the fabric, it feels smooth and non-sticky on the skin, just like an orange-scented body lotion.

2. Improve skin

  • This orange fabric still preserves natural essential oils and vitamins C, A, and E. As a result, when it comes into direct touch with the skin, the skin absorbs the oils and vitamins.

3. Safe and benign to the skin

  • The premium fabric ECOSILKY is constructed of 100 percent natural fibers and is free of chemical dyes, making it ideal for all skin types, including the most sensitive.
  • The fabric is made of organic orange fiber and is extremely soft and comfy. Despite holding essential oils, the fabric does not leave a greasy aftertaste.
  • These essential oils can last for at least 20 washes on the cloth.

4. Good absorbency and breathability

  • The orange peel fiber structure is silky and lustrous, similar to silk, and provides a smooth feel and exceptional ventilation.


Just creating a Premium Fabric is not enough, ECOSILKY products always follow the eco-friendly orientation.

  • All of the materials used to make ECOSILKY Premium Fabrics are taken from nature.
  • The manufacturing procedure is fully eco-friendly.
  • Color dyed from natural material.
  • When the fabric is no longer needed, it may biodegrade and be utilized as fertilizer.

Store instructions

  • Hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Avoid using strong chemicals or detergents.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.


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