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3+ Advantages of Ecosilky’s Silk Filler

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Currently, Bedding products using Ecosilky’s silk filler are increasingly popular in the market. The softness, smoothness, and good for the user’s health are the attraction for this product line. Above all, this is an extremely eco-friendly material and easy to use. It will be one of the “Good Choices” if you are looking for quality Bedding products with many useful points and positive meanings. Refer to the article below about Ecosilky Silk Filler!

Silk Filler products at ECOSILKY

Health protection

We all know that choosing a bed quilt and pillow with poor quality filler is ‘the cause of incomplete sleep’. This affects health and causes neck, respiratory and dermatological diseases. Therefore, choosing the right pillow from a reputable address is essential.

Image of Silk Filler being cut before being quilted

Ecosilky’s silk filler applies a “green production process”. From the process of selecting natural mulberry leaves grown on fresh, pesticide-free grasslands. To raise silkworms and spin silk to create finished products without chemical impact. This ensures the quality of the standard Bedding fillers retains the full advantages of silk material without being degraded by chemicals or other admixtures.

The quality of Ecosilky Silk Filler is always guaranteed from raw materials to production without chemical impact.

This is especially safe for human health and the environment over time.

  • Non-irritating to skin and perfect for sensitive skin (extremely suitable for baby skin).
  • Protect the user’s respiratory system. No feather dust or inhaling harmful chemicals like other filler products in the market
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Gentle and non-irritating even to baby’s skin

Limit fatigue problems

Currently, in the market, there are many types of quilts and pillows from different brands. Diverse in design, style with diverse quality. This easily causes a difficult choice situation that customers can choose the wrong product.

Ecosilky’s Silk Filler all use high-quality silk materials. High porosity, no lumps or hardening after a period of use.

Ruột gối Luxury kén tơ tằm 100% thiên nhiên – Ru Concept
Ecosilky Silk Fillers are always of high quality standard

For Ecosilky pillows. The design of the pillow and the pillowcase are of high standards with good elasticity to ensure the pillow surface hugs the head, neck, and shoulders when lying down. Prevents neck fatigue, shoulder pain, does not cause injury to the person lying in the process of blood circulation.

Silk pillow filler with softness and standard size, protects the neck and head for people sleeping when sleeping

At the same time, you can overcome snoring while sleeping. This filler helps stabilize the balance between the head and neck when sleeping, enabling oxygen to enter the lungs easily.

The wrong pillow can easily lead to snoring

Because before being put in the market and delivering products to the customer. All products will be put through the inspection department to ensure quality, avoid errors from needles, stitches, to fiber quality…

Silk filler is suitable for all 4 seasons of the year

Ecosilky offers a wide range of bedding products with 100% silk filler

Due to the air circulation among silk fibers, this creates a cool, dry feeling that does not cause heat or sweat during use. Customers can guarantee the use of Bedding products with silk filler during 4 seasons in a year. Don’t worry about low durability.