[Điểm nhấn] ECOSILKY sử dụng bao bì thân thiện môi trường

[Highlight] ECOSILKY uses eco-friendly packaging

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Currently, newspapers and social networking sites broadcast a lot of information concerning significant environmental contamination all over the world for a variety of reasons, the most notable of which is the usage of nylon bags to pack baggage. packaging for products, a material that is exceedingly difficult to disintegrate. As a result, the use of ecologically friendly packaging is increasingly gaining popularity among customers. So, what exactly is eco-friendly packaging? Why does ECOSILKY utilize this type of packaging for its products? Keep an eye on this space!

[Điểm nhấn] ECOSILKY sử dụng bao bì thân thiện môi trường

What exactly is eco-friendly packaging?

Packaging conventions

The term “packaging” must no longer be unfamiliar to customers in the product production and trade industries since it is used to pack or enclose items. This product is intended to safeguard the use-value of the items, make shipping easier, and, most importantly, ensure that the goods are of the finest quality when delivered to the customer.

Packaging designs vary, and materials used are often plastic, paper, ceramic, porcelain, glass, wood, and so forth.

“Green” packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging, sometimes known as ‘green’ packaging, typically has the following components:

  • Material components are derived from nature and are thus ecologically friendly. For instance, wood pulp, bagasse, bamboo tube, and so on.
  • Ensure the safety of the environment and the health of the users. To achieve this, all items must go through a rigorous manufacturing process, adhere to environmental protection regulations, and not contain hazardous chemicals.
  • Reduce your negative environmental effect. These goods are largely recyclable or biodegradable once they have been used, which reduces maintenance expenses.

ECOSILKY’s ‘Green’ packaging categories

The carton box

Cartons are essential goods in retailers and businesses. They are constructed of natural wood fibers and are used to preserve and store items while also moving them more conveniently and cleanly.

As a result, ECOSILKY has chosen cartons as an ideal preservation material since the items will be kept for an extended period of time. When products such as “silk pillows” are stored in boxes or made from natural materials, they retain their color and durability.

ECOSILKY constantly focuses on ecologically safe packing materials, from labels to cartons, and does not use harmful plastic bags since they might cause dullness or yellowing of items.

Kraft paper boxes and fact sheets

For today’s consumer buyers, the kraft box isn’t all that unusual. “Kraft” is a thick paper that may be recycled from many types of the school paper, carton paper, etc. mostly made from natural wood pulp. Because the material is fairly robust, it is very easy to use and transport when formed into a box. Furthermore, high elasticity and absorption should aid in long-term product preservation. The biodegradable kraft packaging is extremely eco-friendly.

Linen bag

Silk blankets are considered high-end items and are one of the mainstays of the ECOSILKY brand. As a result, packaging for packing and preserving items must be carefully examined in terms of aesthetics as well as environmental friendliness.

Linen mesh bag is produced from flax plant fiber, is highly sturdy and breathable, and has mild elasticity to keep silk blankets in the best shape while kept. At the same time, the linen mesh bag in light yellow adds a rustic and elegant look to the goods when it is delivered to clients.

ECOSILKY has shared information on ecologically friendly packaging that is presently being utilized to pack items. The usage of ‘green’ packaging contributes to environmental conservation while also raising awareness among many individuals today!

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