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Natural silk fibers are the secret of skin beautification

Danh Mục

Silk is regarded as one of the natural materials that may effectively enhance the skin. As a result, silk is frequently included in women’s “beauty secrets” nowadays. Use the following advice to get youthful, healthy skin rapidly!

High ingredient value.

Produced via the silkworm’s ‘silk release’ procedure. The substance is essentially a liquid, viscous, and translucent ‘protein’ fiber produced by the silkworm’s salivary glands. When this liquid is exposed to air, it solidifies and becomes silk. Simultaneously with the release of silk, silkworms produce another sort of liquid called sericin, which is a type of glue that adheres the thin threads togheter.

When you use natural silk products, your skin is “indirectly” replenished with protein, sericin, and specific amino acids, which aid in skin regeneration and lightening.

Silk in beauty field

Natural silk products that are ‘made’ or ‘extracted’ are currently extremely popular in the “Skin Care Routine.” Here are several silk beauty products that are now popular for long-term skin regeneration.

Skin care cosmetics

Every year, it is simple to notice how many cosmetic firms offer new products with “winged” advertising that promise to miraculously renew your skin with silk nutrients. There are several advantages:

  • Clean the pores by sweeping away debris and sebum from deep within them.
  • Sericin has the ability to produce a protective layer, increase the moisturizing effect, and aid in keeping the skin’s texture smooth.

Typically, the brand SENKA is well-known for its silkworm milk and foamy cleanser made from natural silk essence.

Massage and skin-cleansing instruments

Instead of putting too much confidence in skincare products on the market, you may use beauty treatments with natural silk goods, particularly silk washcloths. The softness and lightness of ultra-thin silk strands with excellent moisture absorption capacity are the benefits of this washcloth.

Khăn mặt tơ tằm

The first step is to soak the washcloth in water, then gently wring it out and place it over your face. Use two hands to gently massage all over the face, allowing the ultra-thin silk threads to penetrate the skin and remove dirt and oil deep inside. Because silk washcloths are not dyed industrially and are produced using a chemical-free manual technique, it will reduce acne-causing chemicals and substances that can cause irritation to the facial skin. Silk washcloths are especially beneficial for delicate skin that is prone to acne since they clean the skin without harming the surface.

After a long day of work and being exposed to the dusty environment outside, doing a face massage routine with a silk washcloth will provide a sense of relaxation and reduce tension. At the same time, it promotes blood circulation, which increases skin firmness, anti-aging, and keeps the face young.

Above is the key to skin beautification with the most popular silk fiber today. You may save these suggestions right now and put them to use right soon!

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