In the spirit of solidarity, ECOSILKY contributes to the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund

Danh Mục

Responding to the Government’s announcement, ECOSILKY has pledged to support the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund in the spirit of solidarity, wishing to contribute a small part to the fight against COVID-19 alongside the entire country.


The government’s announcement to contribute to the COVID-19 vaccine fund

According to the Ministry of Health, in order to properly contain the disease and restart the economy, Vietnam must vaccinate people as soon as possible in order to develop herd immunity. Therefore, the Government established the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund to support and finance the acquisition and import of vaccinations, as well as vaccine research and manufacturing in the country, with the objective of injecting the most COVID-19 vaccine into the population as quickly as possible.

If the epidemic continues, the demand for vaccinations will rise, the cost of purchasing vaccines will be very high, and meeting the epidemic prevention target for the entire population will be impossible if just the state budget is used. As a result, it is critical to contribute to support the COVID-19 vaccination fund.

The advantages of vaccination against disease

Vaccination against COVID-19 is presently the safest approach to help the body acquire immunity against the virus that causes the disease without being sick, reducing the risk of infection and spreading the disease to the community. This is the most proactive and successful method of erecting a barrier to safeguard everyone’s health.

The cost of vaccination is several times less than the cost of therapy when infected with COVID-19, allowing the state budget and the people to be saved.

COVID-19 continues to pose a risk to those who have not been immunized. Other people infected with COVID-19 get quite unwell, necessitating hospitalization, and some people continue to have health issues for several weeks or even months after being infected. Even people who have never experienced symptoms when infected can develop these long-term health issues.

Information about the spirit of solidarity of ECOSILKY

ECOSILKY supported the budget fund during the onset of the pandemic by initiating the spirit of solidarity from August 13, 2021 to the end of September 30, 2021. This money will directly assist the government’s epidemic prevention and control operations, as well as the frontline force, which will provide nutritional care to the population during the pandemic.

  • ECOSILKY will donate 20,000 VND to the “Vaccine Fund against Covid-19” for each “raw silk bath towel” and “raw silk gym towel” sold during the program’s execution.
  • ECOSILKY will donate 10,000 VND to the “Vaccine Fund for Covid-19 Prevention” for each “raw silk washcloth” product sold.

The whole amount will be donated to the government’s “Covid-19 Vaccine Fund.” ECOSILKY announces account number: 2019002019 at Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Transaction Office Branch. You may get more information at

All money transfer information will be published on:

ECOSILKY’s products continue to use 100 percent natural silk material and carton packing that is beneficial to the environment in order to achieve the twin aims of “maintaining and ensuring “green” quality products to customers” and “effective anti-epidemic.” You may be confident while using “Silk towels” from ECOSILKY since they provide several benefits:

  • Silk fiber is lightweight, soft, and kind on the skin.
  • Towels are naturally antimicrobial and dry rapidly.
  • When not in use, it may be used to fertilize plants, which is highly ecologically beneficial.

The Covid-19 issue is complicated and hazardous, endangering the health and lives of all over the world. Right now, everyone’s help is desperately required to assist the government. So that all people can be vaccinated, stay healthy, and overcome the epidemic.

Wishing everyone good health. Thank you very much, ECOSILKY!